Our favourite lollies

20 JULY 2018

Another season is drawing to a close and, since it has become a tradition on my blog, the time has come to say goodbye for the summer holidays, and what better way to do it than with a post written by all of us. When I shared my homemade ice lolly recipes a few weeks […]


Sea Vegetables

13 JULY 2018

Just as happened with yoga, it was New York that opened my eyes to a multitude of gastronomies from other cultures such as the Asian culture, organic markets, and broadened my horizons in terms of food. A whole new world which I immersed myself in with specialised books and magazines, and which over time I […]


Simple recipes with sesame

12 JULY 2018

After a few hectic weeks of work I’m returning to the blog to talk to you about sesame, a seed that I use a lot in my cooking and that has excellent properties. I also include some of my favourite recipes that use this superfood. Sesame is a seed that contains plant proteins and healthy […]


My adventure with En La Gloria

5 JULY 2018

One of the reasons why I decided to participate in social networks and why I continue to enjoy writing my blog is the opportunity to share something more than just an image with you; I love sharing my experiences and a life philosophy in which I strongly believe, guided by the quest for wellbeing, curiosity, […]


Connecting with our inner energy

22 JUNE 2018

The practice of yoga is vast, and I am continuously coming across more complex concepts that I want to explore to be able to enjoy everything this philosophy has to offer. The Bandhas are one of them. In Sanskrit, the word Bandha means ‘key’, and it is the intentional contraction of certain muscles in specific […]


My homemade ice lollies

8 JUNE 2018

Ice cream season has started at home with some really easy and healthy homemade recipes that you can make for adults and little ones alike. I love watching the impatience on my little girls’ faces as they wait for the ice lolly to be ready to eat, and it reminds me so much of that […]



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