My homemade ice lollies

8 JUNE 2018

Ice cream season has started at home with some really easy and healthy homemade recipes that you can make for adults and little ones alike. I love watching the impatience on my little girls’ faces as they wait for the ice lolly to be ready to eat, and it reminds me so much of that […]


Ujjayi breath

1 JUNE 2018

You have often asked me if that loud sound you can hear in my yoga videos is my breathing. You’re absolutely right! That’s because when I do yoga, I practise the Ujjayi yoga breath. In Sanskrit, the original language of yoga, ‘prana’ refers to the vital energy that exists in the universe and within us. […]


Connecting with nature

25 MAY 2018

For me, returning to nature is an exercise of disconnecting in order to connect; one of those reflections that I love sharing with you. For the past few months I have been discovering our beautiful Empordà in a way that I hadn’t until now, making it a home away from home. The hectic daily routines […]


Sun Salutation A + B

18 MAY 2018

The Sun Salutation is the first vinyasa I learned in the Jivamukti yoga centre in New York. It showed me that the practice of ashtanga vinyasa involves great physical effort since it is a dynamic and repetitive sequence that synchronises movement with the breath. The origin of Surya Namaskar (the Sanskrit name) is associated with […]


My two M’s favourite books

13 APRIL 2018

I’m dedicating this post to my two Ms, because before them no one had ever devoted such full attention to me and with such enthusiasm. Here goes… Our reading time before going to sleep is one of the most wonderful moments I share with my daughters Manuela and Maria. It has become a routine that […]


My pink smoothies

29 MARCH 2018

When the fine weather arrives I like to add more refreshing, nutritional and delicious smoothies to my diet. If you have been following me for a long time, you will have come across the recipes of some of my regular smoothies (like the green one), but none of my pink ones. I find mixed berries, […]