Christmas presents

8 JANUARY 2018

I would never have imagined starting a new chapter in the blog in 2018 with such a trivial post, but I have been writing for you for three years now and I know I can address you like one of the family. That is why I am sharing the presents I received this Christmas in […]


Hello again


This summer I found it really hard to disconnect; I was quite worked up and it took me nearly two weeks. It’s hard not to feel bad for not doing anything when you are used to taking on lots of responsibilities. It’s as if you don’t deserve it and the feeling of wasting time by […]


A mindful summer

2 AUGUST 2017

Another summer has arrived for “A woman, many women”; the end of another season. Time is flying by so quickly. I’m very happy about everything that has happened since last summer. Endless work, projects that require boundless energy, the launch of my first book which is now in its sixth edition…that is why this August, […]


Obsessed with The Animals Observatory

16 JUNE 2017

There are so many things that I used to say before becoming a mother… one of them was: “Siblings should be raised in diversity so that each child develops their own identity; that’s why I won’t dress my children the same”. How silly and daring to judge from ignorance. That is why today, openly, I […]


Trip to India

26 MAY 2017

I’m going to tell you the truth. I returned from India with a taste in my mouth that I didn’t expect. Last week, for the first time, I visited New Delhi and Mumbai, two cities which, rather than expanding I think are exploding, with that chaos that I experienced on my trip to Vietnam, and […]


An ode to us, mothers

7 MAY 2017

Becoming a mother is the biggest change a woman can go through, both physically and emotionally. Pregnancy changes us, and we have to learn to live with a new body. The body that we placed at the mercy of the gestation of a living being, the intensity of labour, and a postnatal period of overwhelming […]


A reportage about love

28 APRIL 2017

This post is very special. I’m sharing authorship with my partner, Carles Puyol. We are really excited about sharing the full feature from Fashion&Arts that was published on April 16th last. This is a little chat about what we both thought of the experience, each from our own perspective. Here goes. Carles. As I said, […]


To kiss

17 FEBRUARY 2017

Is there anything more important than touching and kissing? A human’s first affectionate bonds are built through the senses. A hug, a caress, a kiss… LOVE fosters a baby’s neurological development. It is interesting to think that something as simple as physical contact plays such an important role in our wellbeing, not only when we […]



5 JANUARY 2017

At this time of year, it seems unavoidable to look back and not take stock of another year lived. It is an exercise I perform, seeking to learn from the bad and the good, appreciating those wonderful experiences that I don’t want to forget and leaving behind anything that does not contribute something positive to […]


Interview at TV show ‘Likes Cero’

22 NOVEMBER 2016

I want to share with you last night’s interview at the TV show Likes Cero. Yoga, laughs and good company. Thank you Raquel Sánchez Silva, Ana Milán and all the team for making me feel so comfortable. V. Subtitles available in the video settings.