Trip to the Californian Desert

24 MARCH 2015

Working in 29Palms (California) was another trip to this beautiful country that has given me so much. It’s a very special feeling the one I get when I step on a USA desert. I have an enormous attraction to them I feel isolated, like in a different planet, but cozy and sheltered by a team […]


Some things do not change

13 MARCH 2015

On my 20s, I couldn’t even think of investing so much money in a lamp. I don’t regret to have waited this long to finally enjoy the ‘Cesta’ lamp designed by Miguel Milá. Some tastes never change. Timeless design fascinates me and I’ll carry this piece wherever my home is. I feel like I’ve stolen […]


Outfit 01

10 MARCH 2015

I’m the first one trying on my designs. As a woman and a designer, I am able to understand, feel and appreciate the garment on myself before sharing it with you. Now, through this blog, I can also have your feedback. The baggy dress I’m wearing is a prototype and it’s one of my favorite […]


JR, an artist with the worlds largest gallery

4 MARCH 2015

Nowadays, as an artist, it’s hard to be recognized in just a blink of an eye. Maybe this is because everybody has easy access to the tools needed to create any kind of artistic expression and, therefore, there isn’t a big filter as, for example, there used to be at the beginning of the past […]


Sayulita, a gift full of colour

24 FEBRUARY 2015

This job is a gift and once again, it has given me the chance to discover a new place. Sayulita, in Mexico. Together with the Sundance Team, who are like family to me, we have spent a couple of days working and enjoying the great weather and colorful landscape of this amazing place Part of […]