Hello again


This summer I found it really hard to disconnect; I was quite worked up and it took me nearly two weeks. It’s hard not to feel bad for not doing anything when you are used to taking on lots of responsibilities. It’s as if you don’t deserve it and the feeling of wasting time by […]


An ode to us, mothers

7 MAY 2017

Becoming a mother is the biggest change a woman can go through, both physically and emotionally. Pregnancy changes us, and we have to learn to live with a new body. The body that we placed at the mercy of the gestation of a living being, the intensity of labour, and a postnatal period of overwhelming […]


Mother for the second time

4 MARCH 2016

Just a year ago, I was facing a blank page and a mountain of thoughts that I wanted to express in the first post on this blog. My main motivation was to share, and use the blog as a platform for reflection. Here I am again, even more motivated, if at all possible, because of […]


Thank you Mom

4 MAY 2015

I’m facing a different motherhood challenge than my mother did. She has been, and still is, an excellent housewife and a family pillar meanwhile I’ll have teach my daughter Manuela all the values that she gave me while being a woman with a very tight work agenda and social compromises. Thank God I have her […]