My natural medical cabinet

26 JANUARY 2017

I have always been one of those people who say ‘I never get sick, I won’t pick up the viruses from my daughters’ crèche…’ and after years as strong as an ox, I have fallen. Another victim to flu and a temperature. Whenever we get sick, we think… “It feels so good to be well”, […]


Green smoothie

27 MARCH 2018

I’ve wanted to share this simple smoothie recipe for ages because it is one of my favourites. I use this combination of ingredients not only for their properties but also because of how well the flavours work together! I love it! I N G R E D I E N T S For 1 smoothie […]


Cold-pressed juices

3 APRIL 2018

In New York it’s really easy to find everything you need to follow any type of diet. It was there that I began to follow a healthy diet, and where I took up the habit of drinking natural cold-pressed juices. Countless coffee shops, supermarkets and stands prepare them fresh for you, but here it is […]



7 MAY 2015

I love the walks at sunset with my daughter Manuela, those are the moments when I wish time stops. I have fun going grocery shopping around the neighborhood with her. She loves going out, she’s an awake and curious baby. Last week we decided to go to the fish-shop nearby home as I needed to […]


Cooking for the family

9 APRIL 2015

I love taking care of my family. Evening time is when I can devote more time to cook for them. This delicious dinner only takes 30 minutes to prepare, allowing us to have more time to enjoy it together. Some of the ingredients I use in this recipe have great benefits for adults and kids […]


Spring Breakfast

2 APRIL 2015

Spring makes me want to add color to my meals. Today I make two delicious toasts to my breaky, both tasty and healthy. Customized cup with my glasses and dish: Vajillas de Ultramar. I always start the day with a grapefruit juice with all its fruit fiber (it helps me regulate my intestinal transit). I […]


Winter Breakfast

17 MARCH 2015

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. I’m sure you’re tired of hearing it, but honestly, for me, it is. I can’t function properly without giving the fuel my body and brain needs. Here’s one of my favorite winter breakfast. It takes some time to prepare it, but it’s worth it. On an […]