Smart shopping

3 OCTOBER 2019

If I had to choose three subjects to be established as a priority by everyone, society and governments, they would be: human rights, the environment and health. Within health, for me good eating habits are key, and a crucial part of staying healthy. I have noticed that food is one of the most popular categories […]


My healthy coconut cookies recipe

28 JUNE 2017

Today I am sharing something that I have mentioned several times and that many of you have asked me for: the recipe for the cookies I make for my daughters. Cookies are a classic, a really mouth-watering snack for children and, what’s more, the ones I am showing you today are really easy to make. […]


My great resolution for 2018


If you follow my blog, you’re probably aware that I am a great believer in organic food. I want my daughters to grow up learning how to relate responsibly with the food that they consume and the importance of organic food not only for their health, but also for the environment. Because this is no […]


Let’s talk about fats

2 JUNE 2017

I end the week with a new video about nutrition, one of those I love sharing and I see you like. Also, I’d like to take this opportunity to let you know that if you don’t see your comments published and answered yet, don’t worry. This wonderful community is growing and being a full time […]


Recipe: chia pudding

20 MAY 2017

Luckily, some recipes are both delicious and healthy, and easy to make, and this one is great to share: chia pudding. This recipe, which for working parents’ convenience is a “mix-it-all-together-and-it’s-ready” job, is perfect for breakfasts and snacks, and even makes a great impression when I have guests over for dinner and serve it for […]


Cooking for the family

9 APRIL 2015

I love taking care of my family. Evening time is when I can devote more time to cook for them. This delicious dinner only takes 30 minutes to prepare, allowing us to have more time to enjoy it together. Some of the ingredients I use in this recipe have great benefits for adults and kids […]