My hair’s secret


During my busiest times as a model, before becoming a mother, I lived out of a suitcase and I would put my hair care in the hands of world-renowned stylists and professionals. I’ve always been very curious and observant and these qualities have served me in good stead to learn from and absorb as much […]


A neutral outlook

21 JULY 2017

After my last post, and after receiving your comments on the blog and on social media, I have continued to reflect on behaviours and on how it is within our power to change negative dynamics, thoughts and emotions into positive ones. In today’s post, I am picking up a topic that I also discuss in […]


A gift for my skin

24 FEBRUARY 2017

I have to confess that in the last 2-3 years, and after two pregnancies, my personal care, and especially managing to keep my skin radiant, concerns me more every day. For that reason, I have decided to treat myself to skincare treatments as often as I can, setting aside a moment of serenity for myself […]


5 Beauty Tips with Olaf

26 MARCH 2015

Olaf, Sundance’s team hair & makeup artist, shares with us his 5 favorite items for preparing a fresh look in the desert. – Spray. Oribe. Alternative to dry shampoo. He uses it after he sets the hair to get volume and texture. He loves the matt finish that it gives to the hair. – Flash […]