Light evening meal menu

27 DECEMBER 2017

The end of the year fills our diaries with commitments and meetings spent sitting around a table. It is easy to let yourself be carried away by the pleasure and to enjoy copious meals without any restrictions, enjoying the moments shared with our loved ones. I do it happily and without any regrets because, at […]


My great resolution for 2018


If you follow my blog, you’re probably aware that I am a great believer in organic food. I want my daughters to grow up learning how to relate responsibly with the food that they consume and the importance of organic food not only for their health, but also for the environment. Because this is no […]


Organic food: what is it,
why and how?

3 MARCH 2017

It was in New York when I was 20 that I discovered yoga and organic food; a completely new world to me that I was keen to explore and understand. The more I learned about it, the more I understood the paramount importance of what we put in our mouth and how this affects our […]