Here and now, my body and I

7 APRIL 2017

I want to share with you a little creative experiment. The ear pressure pose. An asana that drives me to an intimate conversation with my body, a restorative mindfulness. I find relief as I expose my body to a stretch of brutal intensity. I give myself Karnapidasana at the end of my yoga practice, before […]


The wheel pose.
Strength in the arms.

22 DECEMBER 2016

In this post, I am continuing with the second part of my training to attain a beautiful wheel, or Urdhva Dhanurasana. I find this inverted posture to be very demanding, and it continues to defeat me, but I am determined to keep practising it to improve and evolve. In the first post, I told you […]


Yoga for Beginners. The Warriors

12 MAY 2015

Virabhadrasana 1 and 2, the Warrior poses, help me strengthen body and soul. You can easily bump into them representing yoga, and although they may seem easy, it takes a good effort to get all its benefits: improves balance and concentration, increases the stability of the body, strengthens legs, arms, the back and internal muscles […]


Yoga for beginners. Sun Salutation B

21 APRIL 2015

The sequence that I share with you today goes after ‘Sūrya Namaskāra’ A, or Sun Salutation A, that I shared with you a few weeks ago. ‘Surya Namaskara’ B, or Sun Salutation B, it is the second sequence of poses or asanas. 4 Sun Salutaitons A and 3 Sun Salutacions B is what I call […]


Yoga for beginners. Sun Salutation A

19 MARCH 2015

I’d like to share with you a vinyasa that I easily got attached to. ‘Surya Namaskara’ A, or Sun Salutation A, is a common sequence of poses or asanas that form part of the beginning of my yoga practice. The level of effort of this practice will depend on your awareness and the elements you […]