Friendship on adulthood

9 AUGUST 2019

Over time some friends become the family that you choose. What is it that leads us to create bonds of friendship with someone? What is it that makes us want to share and trust? Human beings need to belong, love and be loved. In my group of friends, like in many others I imagine, everyone […]


I’m a feminist

19 JULY 2019

Whether we like it or not, we carry a cultural legacy that stains our day-to-day with sexist behaviours. How many times have I found myself unconsciously reproducing roles and attitudes of which I am not at all proud… and how many others have I not even noticed. This attitude pervades us and accompanies us in […]


Galapagos, The Enchanted Islands

28 JUNE 2019

The Galapagos Islands are one of the most awe-inspiring places I have ever visited, bearing in mind that my career has taken me all over the world. When we travel to wild and virgin natural places we tend to have the feeling that we have landed on another planet. I had that feeling on the […]


Introducing Simón


Not long ago, we welcomed a new family member into the Puyol-Lorenzo household. He’s called Simón. Do you like it? Believe it or not, that’s the name I had in mind if we ever had a son. My daughters have been asking for a dog for ages, but the person who most wanted one was […]


Our favourite lollies

20 JULY 2018

Another season is drawing to a close and, since it has become a tradition on my blog, the time has come to say goodbye for the summer holidays, and what better way to do it than with a post written by all of us. When I shared my homemade ice lolly recipes a few weeks […]


My adventure with En La Gloria

5 JULY 2018

One of the reasons why I decided to participate in social networks and why I continue to enjoy writing my blog is the opportunity to share something more than just an image with you; I love sharing my experiences and a life philosophy in which I strongly believe, guided by the quest for wellbeing, curiosity, […]


Connecting with nature

25 MAY 2018

For me, returning to nature is an exercise of disconnecting in order to connect; one of those reflections that I love sharing with you. For the past few months I have been discovering our beautiful Empordà in a way that I hadn’t until now, making it a home away from home. The hectic daily routines […]


My small guide to South Africa

15 MARCH 2018

Once again, my spouse hat has taken me to enjoy a trip to a very special destination. And although it was a business trip with a jam-packed schedule, we managed to find some time by ourselves to discover some of the small treasures in the area.   J O H A N N E S […]


4 ways of looking after the planet

1 MARCH 2018

Perhaps because as the years go by I have more respect for my body and for nature, I am becoming increasingly aware of my actions and how they affect everything around me. The planet provides us with everything we need and it deserves our respect and care. We are part of nature, we are one […]



23 FEBRUARY 2018

Today I want to share a reflection that is increasingly gaining ground in our society and that I think deserves particular attention because, in one way or another, it affects us all. The spontaneity of social networks has brought a blast of authenticity and freshness to the way we share who we are with the […]