Christmas presents

8 JANUARY 2018

I would never have imagined starting a new chapter in the blog in 2018 with such a trivial post, but I have been writing for you for three years now and I know I can address you like one of the family. That is why I am sharing the presents I received this Christmas in […]


Obsessed with The Animals Observatory

16 JUNE 2017

There are so many things that I used to say before becoming a mother… one of them was: “Siblings should be raised in diversity so that each child develops their own identity; that’s why I won’t dress my children the same”. How silly and daring to judge from ignorance. That is why today, openly, I […]


VL x The Animals Observatory

15 NOVEMBER 2016

Expressing my aesthetic universe, my way of seeing and experiencing the world, is a part of my life that I need to share. Creativity is a source of vitality for me. Through fashion design, I bring to fruition ideas that are fuelled not only by the present, but also by the past, by everything that […]


Monochrome Bikini’s

24 APRIL 2015

After a short but wonderful taste of summer on my trip to Sri Lanka, I’m craving summer and colour more than ever. Today I share 3 monochrome bikinis that are already on my summer suitcase. Splash of colors such as neon coral, turquoise and klein blue with a comfortable fit that will make you look radiant. […]


Outfit 02

7 APRIL 2015

There’s a new knit jumper in my wardrobe and it has a geometric black and white print that I love. I follow balance and intuition to create outfits. I’d like to show you how starting out from a key garment, as this Ganni jumper, I make two different basic looks to start spring. Look 1. […]


Outfit 01

10 MARCH 2015

I’m the first one trying on my designs. As a woman and a designer, I am able to understand, feel and appreciate the garment on myself before sharing it with you. Now, through this blog, I can also have your feedback. The baggy dress I’m wearing is a prototype and it’s one of my favorite […]