Galapagos, The Enchanted Islands

28 JUNE 2019

The Galapagos Islands are one of the most awe-inspiring places I have ever visited, bearing in mind that my career has taken me all over the world. When we travel to wild and virgin natural places we tend to have the feeling that we have landed on another planet. I had that feeling on the […]


My small guide to South Africa

15 MARCH 2018

Once again, my spouse hat has taken me to enjoy a trip to a very special destination. And although it was a business trip with a jam-packed schedule, we managed to find some time by ourselves to discover some of the small treasures in the area.   J O H A N N E S […]


Trip to India

26 MAY 2017

I’m going to tell you the truth. I returned from India with a taste in my mouth that I didn’t expect. Last week, for the first time, I visited New Delhi and Mumbai, two cities which, rather than expanding I think are exploding, with that chaos that I experienced on my trip to Vietnam, and […]


Cotton House Hotel

14 MAY 2015

Cotton House Hotel was an unexpected surprise. My man took me to this new hotel in Barcelona, an old building reformed exquisitely keeping up the tradition and history. Beautiful spaces, delicious food, the nicest cotton bed sheets and a great service. Andreu Canals, the hotel manager, gave us a cozy welcome starting out with a […]


Laureus Awards in Shanghai

29 APRIL 2015

It is the second time I travel to China. Shanghai has nothing to do with what I experienced in Hong Kong, a much more comfortable city and easy to handle, where sometimes skyscrapers are swallowed by the vegetation. This city is enormous. I kept seeing concrete and more concrete on the journey from the airport […]


Trip to Sri Lanka

17 APRIL 2015

Travelling is the best gift anyone can have and even more if you do it in love with your partner. Sri Lanka has been one of those vacations that you don’t forget; full of colors, scents, good food and awesome surroundings. I switched off so much from work that it took a big effort to […]


A Couple in Barcelona

31 MARCH 2015

I’m not into celebrations imposed by society, but Father’s Day was a good excuse to enjoy Barcelona with my love as “singles” after spending the day with our daughter Manuela. It was a night plan between the Gótico and the Raval quarters. We started at the Dos Palillos restaurant, enjoying exquisite tapas and delicious “cañas” served […]


Trip to the Californian Desert

24 MARCH 2015

Working in 29Palms (California) was another trip to this beautiful country that has given me so much. It’s a very special feeling the one I get when I step on a USA desert. I have an enormous attraction to them I feel isolated, like in a different planet, but cozy and sheltered by a team […]


Sayulita, a gift full of colour

24 FEBRUARY 2015

This job is a gift and once again, it has given me the chance to discover a new place. Sayulita, in Mexico. Together with the Sundance Team, who are like family to me, we have spent a couple of days working and enjoying the great weather and colorful landscape of this amazing place Part of […]