«Throughout life, decisions are made that lead your professional life in one direction or another. Acting has crossed my path several times, but it was always short-lived. Acting is a creative expression that excites me and it is a subject I have pending.

To explore identities, bring life to different emotions, change costumes and play at being a character in front of eyes and lenses. Somehow, to act is to play».



Manuel Cussó-Ferrer, 1989, Spain
Cast: Fermí Reixach, Inma Belial, Rosario Flores, François Montagut, Antonio Chamorro, Nuria Candela, Hermann Bonnin, Victoria Sanz and Vanesa Lorenzo.
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“The film takes place during the break of a play, so that the fiction emerges from the characters in the audience. The film contains two parallel stories. On the one hand, the relationship that an inventor, old scientist prototype, maintained with a striptease music hall woman, narration that comes through hypnotism and memory. On the other, the relationship that a tech professional, hopefully in the future of new technologies applied to artistic creation, Dr. Wolfgang establishes fortuitously with a little girl, Palmira, theater student and babysitter spare time”